Video: Joe Crepúsculo- "Toda Esta Energia"

Joe Crepúsculo is one of the coolest ‘dudes’ in music, now in the industry as he is about to release his first commercial release titled Chill Out through Discoteca Oceano, it will be their second official release following El Guincho’s Alegranza! Considering we loved both Escuela de Zebras and Supercrepus, we’re super psyched about it, not to mention he’s like an honoree member of the club, always suggesting great new artists to look up to and collaborating in a bunch of our features. “Toda Esta Energia” opens the new disc, it isn’t exactly the first single I belief, it’s an upfront of what’s coming next month. Here is the very traumatizing video, hint, don’t try to make sense of it, sense it. Musica para la ocasión.