Video: $990 - "El Gatito" (Mix Invernal)

I used to be able to spend hours jumping from one MySpace to another in search for some cool songs, those days are sadly over but from time to time I do stumble upon interesting acts such as $990. I’m not exactly sure how I got to them, but considering they’re from Chile it’s possible they’re linked to Javiera Mena in some way or another. They’re a very young duo from Santiago, Ana y Paulo, the songs didn’t strike me much, some I found awful but oh surprise! they have one of the coolest videos I’ve seen this year, “El Gatito” (Mix Invernal) has a resemblance to Sailor Moon with its colorful lights, dance revolution, karaoke and cool animations. Plus the song is pretty easy to chew and sing to, reminds me of that quiet pop wave that emerged and died between the beginning of the millennium and 2005, well, it didn’t die, it’s just that the nostalgia of a new era faded out too quickly.