MP3: Ivana Berenstein feat. Coiffeur - "Ahora"

We’re really digging this track we found at Zona Indie, it’s titled “Ahora” and is the first single from Argentinean singer Ivana Berenstein, leader of the band Que Tul. Her album is titled No Te Duermas and it seems like we’re just on time to witness a great talent on the rise. The single features fellow singer-songwriter Coiffeur, whose song “Que Mala Suerte!” is quite popular among our iPods. “Ahora” is a steady folksy track that embodies a sort of inevitable syncretism where pop and traditional music merge without much complication. It’s strangely sexy and irresistible, like Bigott meeting Lida Damunt but with totally opposite vocals. “Pisamos el freno en vez de avanzar.”

♫♫♫ "Ahora"