New Single: María Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser - "Baila Duro"

This disquieting half riot, half lousy girl keeps doing some of the most divisive music in Mexico, guess which side are we on? Of course on the positive shoulder, her sketchy and ultra flamboyant music satisfies our needs for effervescent pop. María Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser are taking longer than usual to release new material, but their recently announced EP seems to be closer to see the commercial light this summer. The album is comprised of four new songs and two covers.

Promotional single “Baila Duro” has been rotating around the web since last year to very little attention, which is surprising considering how catchy this tune turns out to be, “que se rompa el suelo, que tiemble en todo el mundo y que explote todo.” Well, it seems like we won’t be getting a more mature María Daniela, but we can’t complain, there’s plenty of more sweat-potential carved in the Juventud En Extasis premise. It’s not as fun and glamorous as “Miedo” or “Pobre Estupida” but this aspiring reggaeton holds and shakes its ground impeccably.

Recently, María Daniela did a very decent job recreating “Mi Muñeca Me Hablo” in the 31 Minutos album tribute. We’re not sure what has happened to Nuevos Ricos, they used to be the hippest Mexican indie label and they seem to have vanished completely. While we wait to see who ends up publishing their album, “Baila Duro” should do a good job gathering buzz for this intrepid duo.