Odisea, the new project of Alex Anwandter

Chile’s Disorder Magazine has the scoop on the latest song from Alex Anwandter, the former leader of Teleradio Donoso. We’ve been anticipating a solo record ever since the band punched our hearts with the news of its break up. A few weeks ago we wondered if he would pick up Hijosnietos, his collaborative project with Adrianigual’s Go Vargas. Last year, Gepe talked about a duet album with Anwandter, which is supposed to be still in the works. There’s virtually no info on the new album except that it’s going to be released under the name Odisea, we wonder if this marks the arrival of a new band or if it’s just his new pseudonym.

The single’s artwork is an absolute wonder; it frames what we’ve been saying about Alex Anwandter’s potential to become a legitimate Latin Pop icon. It’s an obvious homage to Michael Jackson and nigh club odyssey. The new song is titled “Cabros” and although it’s not as exciting as the artwork, it’s incredibly sexy and sweaty. Glad to see Anwandter’s characteristic vocal clauses intact, although he does sound more exotic than usual. Those following his career know he has been pointing to disco, glad to see him taking action, "tengo que correr o pierdo."


  1. este tipo es increible haga lo que haga le sale bien,simplemente sbe lo que hace,excelente musico,excelente alex,eres admirable.muy muy bueno te ira la raja con el disco,ignora a los envidiosos de siempre,eres buenissimoooo

  2. alex tiene el toque de Midas

  3. super bailable la rola! estoy prendida pa' su nuevo proyecto y ojala que venga a los EEUU de gira!