Featured: Gepe - "Por la Ventana"

Feature: Gepe – “Por la ventana”
Quemasucabeza, Chile

The humble, dynamic and very Chilean Gepe is about to release his third LP titled Audiovision, a sort of alpha-optimum album among the latest constellation of Chilean pop. It might sound like an overstatement, but Gepe is close to Jorge Gonzalez when it comes to pop innovation and influential condition. The comforting voice and folksy-meets-Hip Hop bases are parallel to Gepe’s very expressive personality. Audiovisión includes a collaboration with Javiera Mena, and we’re dying to hear it. As you probably know, they’re close to best friends and already gave us the magnificent “Sol de Invierno.”

“Por la ventana” is the first single of Audiovisión and I can think of many things to get excited about when listening to it. First, it seems like we might be getting a mishmash of the organic sound from Gepinto and the synth pop of Hungria (both albums made our list of Best Albums of the Decade). Second, it sounds like Gepe is flirting with Hip Hop once again, something truly noticeable in Las Piedras EP. And third, the song (best of the year material) comes to relief the almost ridiculous anticipation the album has mounted in the last three years.