New Single: Javiera Mena - "Hasta La Verdad"

You rarely see Club Fonograma as excited, enthusiastic and wholehearted as when we sit down to write about Javiera Mena. It’s no secret we’re head over heels about her, Esquemas Juveniles has inspired us like no other album; it’s our reference to how pop music should sound like, and how complex and danceable it should be. After providing our generation with monumental anthems like “Al Siguiente Nivel” and “Sol de Invierno”, or the shining “Como siempre soñe” and “Camara Lenta”, our favorite girl in Latin Pop is ready for her next journey, her much-anticipated sophomore album.

Javiera is the one shining artist responsible for our Song of the Decade “Al Siguiente Nivel” and our #2 favorite album of the decade, we’re clearly thrilled to present hew brand new single “Hasta La Verdad”, first cut from her new album titled Mena. The record was in the works for over 3 years, a long gap in which the Chilean artist refined her youthful fixation into pop prisms. Everything brilliantly captured and elevated by Cristian Heyne, the genius producer of Esquemas Juveniles and other great Chilean landmarks including Gepe’s latest Audiovision.

“Hasta La Verdad” reveals itself as a utopian universe of its own, with tumbling unassuming vocals, disco strings (by the great Kelley Polar), and striking reflective lyrics. It’s flowery, shimmering and very flirtatious. What’s truly fantastic about this is to see Mena’s search for musical landscape intact, her qualities have clearly evolved, but the hunt by which her music breathes is as grandeur (in all its simplicity) as before. It might not be as immediate and accessible as any of her past singles, but it only takes a few spins to roll with it and discover its greatness.

The single will be published in Mexico by the recently formed project Union del Sur and FV Management. If this is any indication, the upcoming 9-track Mena sure seems like another winner.