8106 Presents Riesgo, Compilado II

Our awesome friends at 8106, fellow nominees for Best Digital Media Publication at this year’s Indie-O Music Awards, just released their second compilation titled Riesgo. The splendid and trendy blog teamed up with Reactor 105.7 to freeload six pieces that are not to be missed.

The compilation opens the show with Toy Selectah’s terrific remix of “Lo Comandas” from the wonderfully bright kids of Banda de Turistas. Toy’s unmeasured practices prove to be qualities once again, delivering a near perfect reconfiguration of an already quintessential track for the dance floor. After weeks of tremendous buzz, Rey Pila’s “No.114” still feels like a giant “multifarious” chant that is both, painful and celebratory of a breakup.

Riesgo premieres a couple of songs, including a new essential song from Club Fonograma beloved group Quiero Club. The compilation includes a remix of “Musica” by She’s A Tease, it is the band’s new single and will be ‘properly’ released soon featuring several remixes. Abominables, previously known as Six Million Dollar Weirdo! are definitely not among our favorite bands, but they’re so stylized that it’s actually fun to witness their glamorous world, plus “Horror Amor” is a pretty good song. They’re featured with a remix by Disco Ruido, who pushes them into risky business, in fact, “Diamantes” sounds like something coming out of Hidrogenesse.

Los Amparito are just house favorites and their song “De Alla De Un Mundo Raro” is like most of their songs, a hypersonic voyage appreciative of its space and delicacies. The compilation concludes on the roof-scattered vocals of Juan Son, who is featured with a brand new song titled “Mr. Owl.” I don’t think he has ever sounded more creepy than here, but it’s a kind of consoling pain coming out of his vocals that justifies the bizarreness of his fantasized sublime world. “Hello kid, I’ve been watching you…”

We apparently know about compilations, we can say this is one worth to have on your hard drive. Download it at Reactor's Zona de Descargas.