New Single: Adanowsky - "Me Siento Solo"

Adanowsky comes from a family of poets and visionaries, we might be romanticizing the whole thing a bit too much, but after listening to his latest single “Me Siento Solo” (via Panamerika) it really seems like we’re framing him right. With just one album under his arm, one can’t deny that much of his colossal success arrived through his charm as a seductive heartthrob, but he happens to be quite a good musician too (and a hell of an entertainer). “El Idolo” was a consuming single so powerful that it defined Adanowsky as a character rather than as an author, but the risk was justifiable because the song was mesmerizing.

When he announced that he was killing “El Idolo” (the character), we were very skeptical of the future, mostly because everything pointed to a much sober and serious Adanowsky, one we didn’t really like in “No” and “Estoy Mal” because the guy drowned these melodies in shallow sentimentalism (not to mention he sounded half-sleep and a bit drunk). His new song “Me Siento Solo” from his forthcoming album Amador is anything but drowned, it’s well measured and although not the happiest song in the world, it justifies every second of it as pure honest emotional rest.

A song to recognize flaws and confront the blurry lines of between the one's self-esteem and aspirations. He will no longer be an idol but an ‘amador’, we’re thinking more of a Don Juan, but we’ll see. Amador will be out next month and according to Panamerika, it features a collaboration with Devendra Banhart.