Video: Pilar Díaz - "Ilegal en Estyle"

You might not know it, but Club Fonograma is mainly based in Phoenix, Arizona. We’re at the core of the controversy regarding the ridiculously racist SB1070 legislature. This new ‘law’ is one of the many stabs in the back this state is hitting Hispanics with, as if having Sheriff Arpaio among us wasn’t enough. Just the other day our little club was discussing on the possible musical discourses regarding immigration, and “Ilegal En Estyle” from Pilar Díaz came up immediately. The song’s realistic and humorous take on the subject is particularly charming and uplifting during these days of harassment and apparent obscurity.

The video, directed by Wendy JN Lee is among the year’s best, frankly bright in all its colors and freely comforting to all its shapes. Hear that Governor Jan Brewer! It’s that calming and ultra-cheering vibe felt throughout the video that speaks volumes of art as means of expressiveness.

"The music video is proudly stylish, proudly supports the immigrant experience, and absolutely stands by the convictions of those who protest any sort of racism, profiling and anti-immigrant bils such as the one just passed in the state of Arizona. The video also captures, regardless where you are from, that everyone is human- no one is ilegal- be it the American Dream, the Chilean Dream- we are in this universe together. We truly feel this video captures a humanity that is getting overlooked in this debate." - press release