Quiero Club - "Música"

Apart from the whole “Quiero Club Fonograma” connection, we truly feel Quiero Club sums up our blog’s aesthetics, from the music to the great looks. Ok, we’re not as cool as they are but we strike for it. As you probably know, Nacional Records released the awesome intercontinental journey Nueva America this year to rave reviews, the band also obtained Reactor’s Song of the Year for their anthem “Minutos de Aire” (#21 on our Best Songs of the Decade list), and is nominated for two Indie-O Music Awards this year.

Quiero Club continues to walk in the right direction by releasing the single “Música.” Don’t let the broad, intimidating title scare you, the song is best of the year material. The song is strangely melancholic, blissful, an above-all emotional ride. Quiero Club excels pop’s fizz to instead, point to yet another generational gem, “esta vez no hay musica que remplace nuestras voces.”

The release of “Musica” also brings three great remixes by She’s a Tease, El Cuarto and Sonido Caballero. You can download the song for free, along with a video by Gustavo Mauricio (BlackFo) HERE.