Jóvenes y Sexys Remix Natalia Lafourcade

It’s hard not to fall in love with Jóvenes y Sexys, we certainly are. Every song they put out reinforces what we’ve been saying; they’re the new great South American band and will breakthrough as high and loud as Hello Seahorse! did with Bestia. This time they’re surprising us with a daring remix for one of HuHuHu’s most celebrated tracks, “No Viniste”, recently covered by Carla Morrison.

The remix is one of the many revisions expected to pop up on consideration to appear on Natalia Lafourcade’s special edition of her critically acclaimed album, planned to hit the shelves in a few months and which will also feature a collaboration with LoBlondo from Hello Seahorse! The Venezuelan duo did a sublime job, and as a fun fact, yes, that is Cheky singing! Watch out for the anticipated Bruno Remixed release through The Poni Republic out really soon, there's some awesome remixes on it as well from Nuuro, Pepepe and María y José.