Featured: Detectives Salvajes - "Aljibe"

Feature: Detectives Salvajes – “Aljibe”

Tercer Mundo, Costa Rica

We don’t get much Central American music around here, but once a door is open it’s usually easy to sneak in to survey what’s happening around the corner in this giant network. Such is the case with Detectives Salvajes, an amazing band we probably wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for the support their fellow Costa Rican band Las Robertas are giving them. It’s easy to see every nation regardless of its size, having a ‘scene,’ but judging from these two bands alone, seems like we’ve been missing out from some great adventurous rock.

Detectives Salvajes put on the psychedelic wardrobe the minute they decided to embrace formless decibel, the outcome is something close to a revelation of self-indulgent stardust and exhilarating weight. Such is the case in the rip-roaring and enervating “Los Suicidas”, the first cut from an EP the band released last year titled Cairos Papasquiaro. They know how to be noisy, but even better, they rock their way into dusty orbit, perhaps not yet on a White Denim-No Age level, but already on the Yo! Linares-Nos LLamamos league.

♫♫♫ "Aljibe"