Video: Chetes - "Arena"

There’s not a lot of buzz around Chetes’ new album Hipnosis (out now on MUN/Bunker), surprising considering its simultaneous release in Mexico and the US. But Monterrey’s leading rockstar rarely disappoints, he is the owner of some remarkable songwriting skills and his wonderfully broken vocals are still as moving as that wonderful age with Zurdok. We’ll have more time to figure out how good his third album is, but from a few spins, it seems like his most personal record yet. Here is a mind-blowing 7-minute clip for the first single “Arena”, directed by Zoe’s Rodrigo Guardiola. It was shot on 8 MM, a dream come true for grainy lovers who like highly stylized visuals with an actual narrative, here divided in three intriguing chapters: La Carretera, El Desierto & La Noche.