New Single: Jessy Bulbo - "Permanentemente"

Mexico’s divided indie scenes between Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City are finally converging to one another, finally blurring the lines of their regions and opening their mind and hearts. But there are certain artists everyone seems to respect, among them, Mexico’s riot girl and critical darling Jessy Bulbo. There’s something in her personality that’s appealing to anyone, her enfant-terrible aura and thorny sexiness are part of an essential portrait in Mexico’s rock. In her last album Taras Bulba, she asked weather she should do a Patti Smith shot, it’s this kind of gesture that make us love her, not to mention she’s been versioning Baby J’s “Levanta la mano si te gusta la marihuana” on her shows lately, mad props for that.

Jessy Bulbo is close to finishing what will be her third solo album, once again, produced by Mexico’s best rock music producer Martin Thulin (Los Fancy Free). Her single “Permanentemente” is already rhythmic on its title, it also happens to be a delicious cerebral piece about everlasting moments, structured on a shot-reverse-shot fashion. It’s round all throughout, perhaps not as round as something as “Comal” or “El Sexo Sin Amor”, but as round as any song will be this year (it’s so round we can actually hear her catch a breath, brilliant). I might sound totally off and many of her fans wouldn’t agree, but this song is very Michael Jackson-like, one of those rare songs to shoegaze at the dancefloor.