MP3: Tomäs Preuss - "La Historia Violenta"

Tomäs Preuss’s hazy voice is a revelation on itself, when you pair it up with a skillful mind that delivers generous heart-warming songs, we got a winner. Preuss works with minimal resources to create great ambience, echoes and barefoot melodies. Late in 2009 he released a charming EP titled Las Llamas Que Incendiaron Mi Casa, a gem to good to stay hidden. Many of you know him already without realizing it, he is one half of Caramelitus, the band he shares with Latin Grammy nominated singer Camila Moreno. Tomas has also embarked in his new adventure, currently recording songs for his new mind-blowing band Prehistoricos.

You can currently hear a demo of a song called “Una Nueva Historia Violenta” on their MySpace, I have a feeling the song will be a hit (within our parameters), it’s got that epic feeling that made big hits out of Pedro Piedra’s “Inteligencia Dormida” and Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos con Mariano’s “AV Corrientes.” But before that song has its breakthrough, you need to hear the first cut (part 1?) of the song under his solo project. In “La Historia Violenta,” Preuss sings about guilt as bleakly as David Cronenberg pens his films. It must feel pretty damn cold to think Frida Kahlo is staring at you, in a room full of suspicion “debajo de mis sabanas que empiezan a sospechar de ti.”