Video: Club Comfort - "Jazzin' in the Replay"

New flat-out gorgeous video from Club Comfort, one of Monterrey’s best under-the-radar bands for their newest single “Jazzin in the Replay.” This is the first cut from their forthcoming album, it the impressive Brujita Pop, which we included on our list of Delhotel Records Essentials. If this is the first time you’ve heard of them and yet feel so familiar with the band you’re in the right track, it’s part of the Casa Buenaventura collective, home of 60 Tigres, Fuck Her or the Terrorists Win and En Ventura, they all share the dynamic lead voice of Roberto Polo, aka “Mr. Racoon” (who looks great in a dress here). Last year Delhotel published a special Remezclado album with remixes from Sr. Amable, Album, White Ninja, Mercey Hot Springs, among others. An awesome video (by directors Marcelo Quiñones & Gabo Garciandia) for a song we suspect we’ll be listening to a lot this year.