Video + MP3: Xiaha Troden - "Mira Negra"

This very nice video popped up on our mailbox a few days ago from an intriguing new band, Xiaha Troden. It’s a duo comprised by Isaac Garza, a really cool 27-year-old Mexican hipsy guy and Leo Pestana, a 52-year-old professional Cuban musician, yes, what a rare team. As they point out, they come from two different cultures and two different generations, now bonded into a singular vision in their soon to be released debut titled Sin Palabras. The album was produced by renowned producer Phil Vinal, lately popularized for his work with Zoe. The first single “Mira Negra" sounds like something in between Zoe and Manu Chao, I'm probably most attracted by its beautiful clip, we don’t get as much epic-striking videos around here.