The Fader's Pitch Perfect Mixtapes, Includes New Song by Rita Indiana

We've been linking to The Fader a bit too much, but they're on fire lately, they're currently featuring an amazing series of mixtapes powered by the increasingly global-minded site in association with Nike Sportswear. Every continent got its own mixtape and they seem like great sources to catch up with global pop. Mixtape #1 is dedicated to South America, “a land of beautiful extremes,” and in fact, the music here is wild with appearances from mostly Cumbia acts such as El Hijo de la Cumbia, King Coya, Choc Quib Town and Systema Solar.

The other mixtape concerning our circuit (#5 North America) features three ClubFonograma-approved artists including Los Rakas and Toy Selectah. But we’re particularly excited to hear a new Rita Indiana song titled “Poderes,” it’s not at the level of mind-blowing landmarks she's getting us used to, but it's still damn great. We’re glad to finally get something new in this very quiet year for this Dominican visionary, after all, 2010 is supposed to be her year. “Poderes” will be published on an EP by Rita Indiana (no ‘y los misterios’), due on Dutty Artz in the upcoming months and produced by renowned producer DJ/Rupture.

Hear the rough cut of “Poderes” in the following player and download the Pitch Perfect mixtapes here. "La montra llego con los poderes."