Sneak Peak: Daniela Spalla - Magma EP

Daniela Spalla is one of our favorite Argentinean artists, and the answer to our prayers as she’s the closest performer we’ve encountered that does some truly great R&B within our circuit. There’s something in her graceful voice that brings up much of the genre’s qualities, the mid-tempo heights, the introspective secular, the boldness of every phrase and the vulnerability that they seem to leave behind. While we’re fascinated by the soulful tones and contemporary baggage, her first release is also a pop revelation of a powerful voice will be hearing a lot from in the upcoming years.

She is about to release her 4-track debut EP tilted Magma, her first step towards her anticipated full album debut to be completed in 2011. As an upfront, we’re featuring a very special sneak peak of her album, from which you’ve already heard “Por Hoy Al Menos,” one of our favorite tracks on Fonogramaticos Vol.8. The song features Ximena Sariñana doing her best guest work yet. The track is a high-gloss, high-heeled vindication on commitment, “es todo lo que puedo dar sin pensar en perder.” Every layer here is so well adjusted it almost feels choreographed, unleashed, and romanticized towards those last seconds in the song where both ladies sing “no sostengo tanto dolor,” in a devastating realization of the inessential and side of love.

We’re also presenting another track from Magma titled “Arruinarmelo,” which finds Daniela Spalla at her finest, making circular pieces with a piano foundation, to eventually, crack them open in confident and sexy schemes. This is one very attractive half we’re listening to, catch the full release next week at her official website, Magma will be available for free download.