Featured: Kali Mutsa - "Jauja"

Feature: Kali Mutsa - "Jauja"
Unsigned, Chile

Kali Mutsa is the strange, poignant and out-of-this-world project of Celine Reymond, a popular Telenovela actress in her native Chile. Inspired by past lives, myths and ghosts, this talented and gorgeous artist has made one of the most intriguing characters we’ve encountered in a while, a sort of gipsy in the running to become a pop star. Her songs are full of mysticism; sometimes anecdotes of distant souls and sometimes recollections of rituals, best of all, the songs sound amazing. Also, I think we just found the year’s most eclectic breakthrough.

Some names pop up when trying to figure out her seductive music, from Bonde Do Role and Bomba Estereo, to M.I.A, Valentina Fel and Gang Gang Dance. “Jauja” extracted from Fonogramaticos Vol.8 is the perfect dose of numinous aura and its inevitable luck to become part of the music idiom. Some could argue “Jauja” is a purifying voyage, others will see it as the ultimate tribal dance jam, either way, it’s hard not to fall in love with the song's dusty and magnetic field. Kali Mutsa is currently working on new songs for her debut album, so far so good.

♫♫♫ "Jauja"