Video: Adanowsky - "Me Siento Solo"

Adanowsky is doing a fine job desensitizing his past life as ‘El Idolo’, this time with the very contrasting, shot in black and white video for his superb new single out of Amador “Me Siento Solo.” No better way and place to show fame anguish than by walking through Hollywood’s Walk of Fame singing “me quiero ir de aqui, lejos de mi,” in a deeply painful tone. Those layers of hair that are starting to take over his image say as much as this beautiful video directed by Adanowsky himself and Marc Edouard Leon. While he had an Elvis Presley vibe on the video “El Idolo,” this time he has reached a new height.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I'm extremely excited about this new persona Adan is creating, even if it is a somewhat somber one. I was immediately struck by this song's lyrics and I prematurely picked it to be my favorite without having heard the entire album. That then changed when I heard "Niña Roja"!

    "En mis brazos pierdete, niña roja sigueme, niña solo por ti lloro, tengo lagrimas de oro, quiero que te lleves todo, robame soy tu tesoro".

    If only he was! Me enamore del amador!