MP3: Quiero Club - "Las Propiedades del Cobre"

If I remember correctly from my (very) limited education in chemistry, copper is a ductile metal, which means it’s a good conductor. It is also quite malleable. These two properties place copper in Group 11 of the periodic table (okay, I had to look that one up), along with silver and gold. Quiero Club’s latest, “Las Propiedades del Cobre,” which you’ve likely heard by now, shares these same qualities with the Group 11 metals. The track carries and relays the heat and electricity of a muggy summer night in the city, while remaining light and soft enough to mold to fit into whatever form you please. It is the kind of song you listen to on an aimless night-time drive when you're feeling infinite (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, anyone?)

Not that there was ever any doubt about this, but now that we’ve heard two songs from the upcoming album, we are sure it is going to be another masterful, dynamic work from the too-cool band that never fails to deliver innovative pop.