MP3: Bomba Estéreo "Pump Up The Jam"

If you have yet to download your free mp3 of Bomba Estereo’s cover of Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam” you really need to, it’s hot. This is part of the Levi’s Pioneer Revival Recording Sessions, which we weren’t even aware of. Other artists participating in this interesting project include Nas, She & Him, Dirty Projectors and The Shins. This is great news for Bomba Estereo who were recently named MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World. Also, they’ve been on fire with Mexico’s indie scene lately, who are a bit behind but finally acknowledging the magic of “Fuego” and their stellar debut Blow UP. It’s no secret we sometimes complain about Latin music’s projection as a savage exotic thing, but when it’s done as admirably as Bomba Estéreo does it here, we can’t help to feel proud. Grab it HERE.