Mashup: Fakuta ("Virreinatos") / The xx ("Intro")

I didn’t really get all The xx buzz last year, but Gorilla vs. Bear’s Chris Cantalini was right when saying, “if you think you don’t like the xx, listen again.” Now I’m finding myself incredibly attached to virtually every song in that record, and if you should know, no, it’s not because Shakira loves them too. When I heard there was a mashup around combining their song “Intro” with Fakuta's "Virreinatos" by Pablo Muñoz (half of De Janeiros) I must say I was thrilled, and in fact, the outcome is pretty awesome. Fakuta’s forthcoming release is quickly becoming one of our most anticipated debut albums. You can also catch a TV interview/performance featuring the sublime “Armar y Desarmar” here, includes a cameo by Gepe.