Shakira covers the xx at Glastonbury

This past weekend saw Colombia's finest (legal) export, Shakira, play the renowned Glastonbury Festival in England. Amidst a pretty typical Shakira set (anybody wanna bet that she didn't play "She Wolf"? Anyone?), the pop megastar delivered a faithful, yet surprisingly rousing, cover of the xx's "Islands." While the level of Shakira's artistic acumen has become one of Latin music's great argument starters, it shouldn't be hard to see what's so special about this performance. For starters, the contrast in styles: the xx's work exemplified as being very hushed and silently sensual, while Shakira's is anything but deft and unassuming. Yet here, she finds a nice little bridge between herself and the U.K. indie duo, accentuating the song's dance rhythm without overwhelming the original's intentions. Kind of makes me wish I had been there. Instead, I spent the weekend seeing both of my chosen football teams collapse upon themselves. Damn you, Aguirre.

Oh, and congratulations Argentina. No ill will. BUT HE WAS OFFSIDES AND YOU KNOW IT!


  1. oh we all know we was offside but i guess the referee didn'.

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  3. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. I freaking LOVE Maradona. I want to invite him to my birthday party.

  4. Para ser sincera, cuando leí "Shakira covers The xx" me imaginé un desastre total, ella tirada en el piso, moviendo la cadera y aullidos de coros... pero NO!... realmente me sorprendió, creo que el cover no esta... tan mal, hasta siento que quiero poner el video de nuevo :/

    Everybody know it ... stupid referee ¬¬

  5. Saying "Shakira is Colombia's finest legal export" is one helluva cliche Mr Casillas

  6. Dont like XXs
    dont like Shakira

    Am I a hater?

    Oh well......

    Sounds amazing though, technically speaking, for a crowd that big, out!

    Here huge diamond rings were distracting.