Video: Pocz & Pacheko - Zarbak

If you haven’t been following Jovenes y Sexys on Twitter, you really need to. Not only is Cheky the owner of a well cultivated Afro, he is also one of the most reliable tastemakers out there, one of our music soul mates. MusicMondays prove to be something worthy to look forward to when something like this next video is thrown to us, it’s amazing. We don’t know much about this band (duo?) except that they sound good at least in this video. But let’s be honest, we’re just digging this for the awesome spoofy recreation they’ve done to the viral “borrachitos” video, you know, the one breakdance/duranguense clip of two crazy guys dancing to “Un Rayo de Sol” (Oh Oh Oh!). There’s a bunch of spoofs for it, but this, along with the classy adaptation in Los Macuanos’ “Mi Burrita” are definitely our favorites.