Video + MP3: Los Rakas - "Soy Raka"

Fader has premiered the highly demanded (and splendid turf) “Soy Raka” by Panama’s hottest act, Los Rakas. They’ve been caring their buzz through every underground outlet on the book, it’s nice to finally see them breakthrough into the pop-culture blogs they clearly belong to. It’s also refreshing to see how well adjusted they seem to be around the Latin Alternative movement, something remarkable considering very few urban artists can make it work (Calle 13, Tego Calderon). The video is technically flawless, but its content has gathered some very heated debate from some of Fonograma’s favorite people like Josh Kun and Toy Selectah who seem disappointed for the song’s chorus “tengo mi pistola y diente de oro”, specifically because such line is shouted by kids. They got a point, considering kids catching up to the catchy tune won’t get the metaphor (gun=mouth), but as their publicist Natalia Linares points out, it’s not so different to those gunshots on MIA’s “Paper Planes.” Catch Los Rakas at this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference & grab their also amazing track “Abrazame” on our latest compilation.

♫♫♫ "Soy Raka"