Stream: El Remolón - Pangeatico EP

It’s no secret El Remolon (Andres Schteingart) is our favorite crewmember from ZZK Records, his chromatic vision makes distinct catchy beats and that’s how we like our cumbia. We described his last release Pibe Cosmo as “a journey throughout the American continent” and have deeply enjoyed his B-Sides and Mixtapes, but it’s time for a new proper release, the much-anticipated Pangeatico EP. From one spin alone, this sounds as bouncy as one would expect, and energetic enough to correlate it with these mornings of futbol. The 6-track EP features Fantasma and Boogat, and Fonograma favorite Lido Pimienta, who’s been teaming up with many talented people lately, from his work with Los Espiritus, to Pernett and El Hijo de la Cumbia, to having a small guest appearance on one of the tracks in Javiera’s Mena. We’ll get into Pangeatico in depth later, but so far, we’re loving the artwork, its guests, and the intercontinental vibe in this, looks like a nice EP to follow his stellar debut.