Featured: Las Acevedo – “Chaka Chaka”

Feature: Las Acevedo – “Chaka Chaka”

Unsigned, Dominican Republic

Las Acevedo is the project Anabel Acevedo and Cristabel Acevedo, two gorgeous sisters from the Dominican Republic making fun, unsuspected and unrestrained music. With only a couple of months of the duo’s formation as a band, the young duo are already starting to create huge buzz on the island, where they have built an audience for their simple and whimsical songs. It’s always exciting to find projects that seem to pop up out of nowhere, that’s part of the charm of Las Acevedo, who by region, would fit into the Dominican Alternative scene (if there is one), next to artists like Rita Indiana (who they say to be huge fans) or even singer-songwriters like Juango Davalos and Alex Ferreira. Las Acevedo are fairly distinct to their peers, that adolescent and picnic-ready characteristics should be enough for hopes of internalization.

The duo started the project composing and singing in English, something common all across Latin America with Indie-Folk-Pop bands. They recorded some very pleasant demos like “The Weather Smells Like Oranges” (from Fonogramaticos Vol.8), a song as wonderfully naïve as it is catchy. But just like Mexico’s Hey Chica! or Venezuela’s Jovenes y Sexys, they have realized sweet melodies are also achievable in the Spanish language. Their latest song and now official first single “Chaka Chaka” it’s by far, their finest moment yet; from the calming and well adjusted harmless lyrics, to the generous blend of pop and tropical layers, this sure seems like a solid starting point for the Acevedo sisters.