cinemadosmil: cincuenta canciones

There are good blogger friends, and then there’s Aldo Alvarez Tostado. He is a recent Architecture graduate from Guadalajara and one of my favorite people in the world. Despite having my age (22), he’s one of the most influential people in my appreciation of the arts. We met many years ago through a movie message board and have become good friends over the years. It’s great to know there’s someone out there so in tune with your taste, in both cinema and music. It comes as no surprise that I’m in love with his latest list cinemadosmil: cincuenta canciones, a journey on the decade’s most melodic-cinematic moments, like any good list (in my mind), this is a very personal list from Aldo, but that doesn’t stop me from saying it’s my favorite list, ever. Aldo is currently serving as the managing editor of Mexacriticos & the ACLM (Asociación de Críticos en Línea de México), a project we launched a couple of years ago comprised of professional movie critics, movie bloggers, and cinephiles specialized in Mexican cinema. Find the full presentation of the 50 songs (original or adapted) that comprise this special at Mexacriticos.

50 an inconvenient truth/ i need to wake up
49 la nana/ ayayayay
48 eternal sunshine of the spotless mind/ strings that tie to you
47 la science des rêves/ if you rescue me
46 8 femmes/ message personnel
45 tian bian yi duo yun/ be patient
44 diarios de motocicleta/ chipi chipi
43 about a boy/ silent sigh
42 marie antoinette/ i want candy
41 inglorious basterds/ cat people

40 le voyage du ballon rouge/ tchin tchin
39 the life aquatic with steve zissou/ starálfur
38 (500) days of summer/ you make my dreams
37 school of rock/ school of rock
36 down with love/ here's to love
35 where the wild things are/ all is love
34 stellet licht/ les bonbons
33 les triplettes de belleville/ belleville rendez-vous
32 cold mountain/ the scarlet tide
31 my blueberry nights/ the story

30 o brother where art thou?/ man of contant sorrow
29 billy elliot/ a town called malice
28 i'm not there/ ballad of a thin man
27the squid and the whale/ hey you
26 japón/ anillo de compromiso
25 hustle&flow/ it's hard out here for a pimp
24 les chansons d'amour/ as-tu déjà aimé?
23 wonder boys/ things have changes
22 2046/ siboney
21 a mighty wind/ a mighty wind

20 alfie/ old habbits die hard
19 the virgin suicides/ playground love
18 8 mile/ lose yourself
17 kill bill vol.1/ battle without honour or humanity
16 before sunset/ waltz for a night
15 mies vailla menneisyyttä/ muistatko mon repos'n
14 y tu mamá también/ si no te hubieras ido
13 chicago/ cell block tango
12 inland empire/ loco-motion
11 volver/ volver

10 control/ transmission
09 moulin rouge!/ come what may
08 la mala educación/ quizás, quizás, quizás
07 la graine et le mulet/ guafnohou allama el ghaza
06 hedwig & the angry inch/ the origin of love
05 beau travail/ the rhythm of the night
04 hable con ella/ cucurrucucú paloma
03 dancer in the dark/ i've seen it all
02 fa yeung nin wa/ yumeji's theme
01 mullholland dr./ llorando