Video: El Guincho - "Hindou"

This video is what would have happened if Max from Where the Wild Things Are had gone on a tropical adventure as a pirate instead of to that weird and kind of scary imagination jungle in a wolf suit. It is also way less depressing than the Spike Jonze movie, which makes it a winner in my book. Playing the xylophone with a pirate hook (next big music trend?) sounds far more appealing than crawling into the mouth of a jungle creature, am I right? The island vacation vibe of the song is a perfect accompaniment to the rowing and exploring in the video. And the part where the duck’s feather ruffle matches up perfectly with the percussion? Pure genius.

El Guincho’s Piratas de Sudamérica EP, out July 13, will soundtrack your summer, and you won't even have time to go through withdrawal because his second album, Pop Negro, is due in the fall.