Featured: Orlando - "Solo Dios Sabe"

Feature: Orlando - "Solo Dios Sabe"

Static Discos, Mexico

Some very reliable friends of ours and musicians including Juan Manuel Torreblanca and Natalia Lafourcade spread the word on Tijuana’s Orlando, the fact that he decided to just go by his first name was interesting and scary, but after listening to his first album Capullo there’s very little to worry about, this guy is as talented as people are saying he is. I must confess I still have “Solo Dios Sabe” on loop, if it’s not one of the best songs of the year at least it’s the one I’ve singed the most this year. In particular, those jaw-dropping high vocals that situate themselves as the climax. And how about those celestial, old school R&B keys surrounding the melody, mind blowing.

On the surface, it sounds like just another metropolitan love song, but just as the concept of the album, it blossoms into a daring extraordinary track on the divine and what the heart dictates. Here’s the song’s luminous video, directed by Aaron Soto, a very well respected director in Mexico’s gore-fantastic genre. It’s very tribal, with Orlando jumping up and down on a expressive spiritual fight to eventually, getting into the temple, "salve la gracia de cada paso sutil y delicado momento en que compruebo existir." Capullo is out now on Static Discos.