María y José - Mega Calorón Mix

In an effort to keep your summer fresh and full of aural goodies, here is the latest mix from Fonograma favorite María y José. It’s the perfect transition to move away from our Midyear playlists, which we confess were a bit too distracting and strong to write content around them. So while we let these lists sink in for a minute, give yourself a treat with this Mega Caloron Mix (Guaracha Cosmica) from the guy who might be making the year’s most exciting music, from the luminous Espiritu Invisible to the equally moving Kibose EP. Perhaps the most precious minute in this mix comes with Los Espíritus and a very raw demo of a song we’ve been digging lately “Besito en el Ombliguito.”

Mega Calorón Mix
María y José- Calorón Samba
María y José- Playa Triángular
DJ Mouse- Pompi Cadera (DJ Erick Rincón Remix)
María y José vs NT89- Duro Poopa (Mexicanos Al Grito de Jump Mashup)
Lewis Cancut- Get Low (Chico Ye Remix)
Los Espíritus- Besito En El Ombliguito
DJ Erick Rincón & DJ Asa- Todos A Bailar
DJ Sheeqo Beat- Alarma
Lucid-Night Go
DJ Antena- Con La Mano Arriba Todos
WILDLIFE!- Jumbie (Toy Selectah Cósmico Guarachero Remix)
Munchi- Sandungueo
Chico Ye- Rayo Lazer (Reggaeton Mix)
Sandro Silva- Told Ya (DJ Melo Moombahton Edit)
Isa GT- Pa' Las Mamacitas (Sonora Remix)