Video: Joe Crepúsculo - "Batalla de Robots"

We must admit Joe Crepusculo’s third album Chillout was one of the weirdest and most difficult albums we heard last year, so confusing none us took on the challenge of reviewing it. It’s been a couple of months and it’s still a hard one to get through. But don’t worry, this techno master still holds a big space on our hearts; the fact that he is so challenging is reason enough for us submerge into his bizarre world. One thing is for sure, his method to approach existentialism takes unexpected turns, like in his latest video “Batalla de Robots.” According to Hipersonica, this is a new song specifically written by Joe for “the first interplanetary robot combat.” Geeky or not, the song is a blast and the video is what one would expect from such fascinating event. "Despierta el robot que llevas dentro."