iDon, Don Omar

Machete Music, Puerto Rico **
Rating: 43
By Carlos Reyes

Considering “Virtual Diva” is the best single Don Omar has released since “Pobre Diabla” I couldn’t miss the chance to hear it once it arrived on the mail. Let’s start; the album’s title is an eyebrow raiser, there’s nothing wrong in trying to sound technologically modern and correct, put that’s pushing it too hard. But wait for the description coming out from the label’s press release, “… a half man-half machine creation, a transformation of the international superstar into a cybernetic being.” This is not even pretentious; it’s more of a concept that neglects the tons of people that have done what Don Omar thinks is inventive and a progression to his music. But is reggaeton catching up to electronic vibes? Will the reoccurring beat adapt itself to mechanism? Isn’t already a robotic sound? Daddy Yankee’s surprisingly pleasant Talento de Barrio explored this territory, after the influence of the true urban virtuosos from Puerto Rico, our favorites and still underrated Nejo y Dalmata and the now fully discovered/exploited Arcangel. The intro “The Chosen” is laughable, presents the whole futuristic scenario as a mutation, basically Don Omar babbles about his new characteristics, claiming he is a lot of thing, from a biochemist to a mathematician, and a bionic superstar “en perfeccion en practica.” The first single is his least embarrassing moment on radio in a long time; it’s not even near as functional as Yankee’s “Pose”, but at least it’s mystical enough to dance to it. There’s plenty of clash in “Blue Zone”, but he should learn that a just a few sparks won’t build an attitude, a bit of guidance from Zona Seis and their Electronic Swag would do him great. You don’t even want to listen to “Ciao Bella”, it’s a painful drown, and “Oasis” tests and fails to make its continental voyage. The album trips and although the lyrics have some moments of glory (particularly in “CO2”), iDon is not even honest to its concept. But hey, it’s an improvement over the abominable King of Kings.