Indie-O Music Awards

Decireves has the list of nominees for the second edition of the Indie-o Music Awards, for the best of Mexican indie music. A great set of nominees; of course there are some big snubs in there, like ignoring the second best Mexican rock album of 2008, En Ventura’s masterful Los Gandharvas. Also the hurtful snubs of Carrie's 1981, Bam Bam's self-titled debut, and 60 Tigres's Los Emigrantes. I really feel they need some more representation from El Norte, the new northern wave is the hot spot, the best music in Mexico during 2008 came from Monterrey not Guadalajara. Anyway, there’s some great regios in there too, including the exciting Nene Records as label of the year!

Nominees include our favorites Juan Son, Jessy Bulbo, Bufi, Nortec, Plastilina Mosh, Los Fancy Free, Quiero Club, Hello Seahorse!, Nos Llamamos, Zoe, Ximena SariƱana, Austin TV, NSM PSM, Neon Walrus and Menuda Coincidencia. Also, some very cool blogs and publications got nominated, including our favorites 8106, Marvin and Indie Rocks! As you can clearly see, these have to be our favorite music awards outhere, and makes us wish of an upcoming project like this that englobes all Iberoamerica.

But, we don't really get why there isn't a POP category? ? ?

Nominees @ Decireves
Indie-o Music Awards official website.