"Nada Puedo Hacer" - Los Romanticos de Zacatecas

Yes, the blog looks different, you're not sick ... yet (just kidding, hope you're doing good). I have no idea what happened to the blog's template, perhaps it is infected or something, I'm trying to fix it, last week was too crowded for me, but expect lots of content this week. Anyway, the first update that poped up at our MySpace today was this pic from Los Romanticos de Zacatecas, you might remember the original pic and notice its scary transformation. So let's start the week with a very good song that's ironically titled "Nada Puedo Hacer", we like that they don't feel like they have to belong to Mexico's indie, their songs are kind of brave almost, and is kind of cool my non-spanish speaking friends think they sound just like Vampire Weekend.