Voy a Explotar Soundtrack

Soundtrack Release By Carlos Reyes

Cover painting by Kent Williams

Voy a Explotar is the soon-to-be released film from El Revolcadero and Canana, the production film company of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien). It’s a generational gem of two Mexican teens, Maru and Roman, frustrated by the reclusion of their parents and society, decide to take on an adventure; finding love as they make a pact, to stay together no matter what. But where can two angry kids go? Perhaps to the roof of their own house, as their relationship unfolds its beauty and tricks, they are revealing themselves to an adult world that doesn’t seem to understand them. It’s an explosive and demanding film, executed by Gerardo Naranjo with a powerful, bleak and energetic scope to visualize Maru and Roman, their brave and confused relationship and their fantasized stories.

The film’s music supervisor Lynn Fainchtein did an extraordinary job placing the right musical passages and songs at the most precise moments. Everything was settled for a commercially released soundtrack that features the music from the film, but it was passed on by several labels. With that said, this is my reinterpretation of the movie, through songs. This release is the official soundtrack of the film, which with the disposition and willingness of 22 different artists and their labels is available here, entirely for free. My initial idea to have a soundtrack with Mexican bands was put aside once realizing the narrative and themes of the movie are not exclusive for Mexico, but all Iberoamerica. Voy a Explotar opens yet another space for discussion, about rebelliousness, promises, our identity and the shared feeling that somehow, we had been forgotten by somebody out there.

This is an explosive shout for anyone willing to hear it, melodic and violent as the cinematic experience. These are the songs of Maru and Roman, and the details.

Las Canciones de Maru y Roman. Tracklist.

No separarse, pésele a quien le pese, caiga quien caiga.
Excerpt from Voy a Explotar, Screenplay by Gerardo Naranjo

“Naves que dan vueltas a un balón”
Prin’ La La
Del álbum: Prin’ La La
Eureka Records, España

“Preocupación Genuina”
Ulises Hadjis
Del álbum: Lunes
Independiente, Venezuela

“Cámara Lenta”
Javiera Mena
Del álbum: Esquemas Juveniles
Índice Virgen, Chile

“El Agujero”
Juanita y Los Feos
Del álbum: Juanita y los Feos
Dead Beat Records, Beat Generation, Big Black Hole, Gramaciones Grabofonicas, España

“Mis amigos y yo te amamos”
Del álbum: Dios es lo Máximo!
Sin Sello, México

“Sonic Sex” (Maniqui Lazer Cover)
Jóvenes y Sexys
Del álbum: Sonic Sex For All, Remixes & Remakes (Bonus Track)
Cyan, Venezuela

Del álbum: La Reina del Palenke
Discos Tormento, México

“Amar en el campo”
Teleradio Donoso
Del álbum: Bailar y Llorar
Oveja Negra, Chile

“El mundo me espera”
Los Fancy Free
Del álbum: Never Greens Vol.2
Silicone Carne, México

Joe Crepúsculo y Elsa de Alfonso
Del álbum: Supercrepus
Discoteca Oceano, España

“Las Hadas”
Juan Son
Unreleased, México


Nubes en mi Casa
Del álbum: Nubes en mi casa
Molécula Records, Argentina

“No escuches a tus ídolos”
Jessy Bulbo
Del álbum: Taras Bulba
Nuevos Ricos, México

“La Wapa”
Del álbum: No Love
Discos Gordos, Peru

“El himno de la generación”
Del álbum: Cancer Baby
Delhotel, México

Del álbum: Yui
Static Discos, México

“Sin las patas traseras”
Bam Bam
Del álbum: Bam Bam
Nene Records, México

“Cave Cave Cave”
Unsexy Nerd Ponies
Del álbum: Family Reunited
The Poni Republic, México


Yellow Yesterday
Del álbum: Yellow Yesterday EP
The Poni Republic, México

Hello Seahorse!
Del álbum: Bestia
MUN, México

“Ejército Ruso”
Manos de Topo
Del álbum: El primero era mejor

Sones, España

“La Bonita”

El Remolon
Del álbum: Pibe Cosmo
ZZK Records, Argentina

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