Voy a Explotar Soundtrack Release - Coming Up

If everything goes well, in a few hours we will be releasing the soundtrack for Voy a Explotar. It's the third film of Gerardo Naranjo and the latest from Canana, the film production company of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. It's been my special project for the last two weeks, watching the movie a dozen times, listening to my whole mp3 library and finding the emotional audiovisual tissue that music and film share, lots of phone calls, chats and emails to get it done on time for the film's tentative release date (supposedly this Friday in Mexico), but the distribution of the film has been extended, so a new date will be announced. Anyway, the soundtrack-compilation, or as I like to call it, my reinterpretation of the movie, through songs, is ready. Expect more details and of course a tracklist in the actual release. Here is the trailer, enjoy.


  1. Waiting excited for the release!


    I have a nice video about the director and actors at my blog, you know... :p

  2. Wow, I know some of the tracks that will be on here already since I insisted on knowing more than the rest haha, this will probably be as cool as the fonogramaticos compilations. I saw the film at the NY fest, it's really good.

    Can't wait to play the whole thing.

  3. Yo vi una Lista en un Video de Youtube, como no he visto la pelicula, no se si sea real.
    Maria Daniela y su sonido laser- El tuviera no existe.
    Porter- Cuervos.
    Interpol- Untitled.
    IVAN- Mujer telenovela.
    Prin Lala- Naves que dan vueltas a un balon.
    Zoot woman- Hope in the mirror
    Bright eyes- Easy, lucky , free.
    Georges Delerue- Apaisement
    Mahler- I have become a stranger to this world.
    Alvaro carillo- Sabor a mi.

  4. Interesantisimo, Can't Wait.

    - Julieta

  5. ya la vi ase un chingo en el festival de AFI aqui en Los Angeles.

  6. hola

    me encanto el trailer

    tendré que ir a mirarla



  7. Wow, this looks amazing and the music is just as great. Can't wait to watch it.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Todo pubert@ se va sentir identificado con esa película, que mamada...