Neon Walrus EP, Neon Walrus

Diente de Oro Records, México ***1/2
Rating: 75
By Carlos Reyes

Neon Walrus is the first band to really breakthrough in Mexico this year, and is quickly becoming the center of attention at a larger scale; the electropop act recently opened a show for Cut Copy in Mexico City extending their audience as they release their first EP, which is extraordinary production-wise and incredibly glossy, a shame it’s actually shorter than I had wished for. It’s also important to know that they are the first band to really get its heavy impulse by the strong hipster blogger community as they are the fresh commercial performing project from LeTouch. The band has a familiar member, Mateo Gonzalez better known as Bufi and whose Homeless Hero EP is one of the best reviewed electronic recordings here. Paco Parrandas and Elias Kuri join him building an impressive formation that feels both elegant and accessible, their proposal steps somewhere in between Phoenix and Moby. Their first single “Mil Memorias” is a relatively big hit among Mexico’s indie radio stations, but again, the backbone of it all lies on the supportive scenesters. The single is about breakup, one of the most recurring themes among the successful hits in Mexico during this first millennium. The lyrics are concise and gentle, with the musical companionship making this breakup song to flow smoothly, break a heart but do it with some rhythm. “We don’t matter” is probably the one song that could open doors to the European market, but they seem convinced “John Solo” is the catchy centerpiece as they include three remixes of the track, including one by Bufi himself and another one from the ridiculously talented Nuuro. It’s quite hard to jump to a conclusion with just three songs, but judging from what is presented, this is an act to follow with serious possibilities of a successful internationalization, the music is already there.

"John Solo" Bufi Remix
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