Club Fonograma Features: Adrianigual

The frist LP from Chilean band Adrianigual has been out for a while, to be exact this was released during the second half of September 2007 and has slowly transcended locally. It’s 2009 and we finally get to hear Baila Baila Canta! as it never got a proper extended release, not even in Chile, nor did it ever leaked properly (lol). Thing is, we love their happy rock and expect big things from an upcoming production. “La Mistica Espiral” has to be one of the key generational songs I’ve heard lately, at least for any Hispanic kid out there with a television set at their home. They argue that if Don Francisco (Sabado Gigante, Don Francisco Presenta) is seen as god, the world is at lost: “se olvidaron de tu y yo.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt like our entertainment giants have forgotten about me, definitely a punch to Univision/Televisa and a priceless view that’s rarely put into music with this much rebellious allure.

Club Fonograma Features:
Track: "La Mistica Espiral"
Album: Baila Baila Canta!
Country: Chile
Label: Unsigned