SXSW Entry #1 – Natalia Lafourcade Day Show

Hola, my fine and good-looking Club Fonograma readers! For my first SXSW entry, I was able to coax my way into Natalia Lafourcade’s show at the Austin Convention Center Day Stage. And by “coax,” I mean running all the way from a parking lot four blocks from the venue, literally panting as I met Natalia’s manager, while apologizing profusely. Luckily, there was no issue (I think the sweat really sold my exhaustion), and I was able to catch Natalia’s 22-minute set.

Playing in front of literally dozens of people, Natalia played 4 songs off of her new record Hu Hu Hu, and a cover of the Beatles “Blackbird.” With a three-piece band in tow, Natalia gave a rousing, if nervous, performance, though not without its highlights. If I had to describe the new tracks, I’d say that they sound like Bueninvento-era Julieta Venegas, without the overdubs and cathartic shouting. This may be due to the fact that the new songs were guitar-based rather than piano-based, a la Casa, if not obviously as aggressive. Each track was accentuated with the gorgeous background-vocal symphonies that are a trademark of her music, but the rhythms were sensual, almost groove-like.

The standout, on first listen, was the title track off the new record. Layered with jazzy and deliberate phrasing, I would say that it sounded like “En El 2000,” but this track was very mature, as if it were lived. In a way, that’s what I would say about all of these songs—the end of the pop star from Natalia Lafourcade and Casa, and the beginning of a Latin pop trendsetter.

On that note, I’ll be seeing her again later tonight, this time with a full set. And I also was able to interview Natalia, which you should look out for soon. Hasta pues!


  1. Chassidy * KassidyMarch 18, 2009 at 3:41 PM

    u lucky mofo

    ximena is one of my favs..

  2. Chassidy * KassidyMarch 19, 2009 at 11:50 AM

    lol... I said Ximena...

    I totally meant Natalia.. well I love them both hahha..

  3. Can't wait for Natalia'a new album.

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