Vetusta Morla, Lori Meyers and Los Punsetes

The blog is back to my hands everyone! , thanks Andrew for the great SXSW coverage, to the artists for welcoming our approach to interview them etc. You would assume I would have a lot of stuff ready for you, but I took a break from this thing, and indeed, I missed it. During spring break I got a handful of CDs from Spain, thanks to all the labels for sending them, seriously, beautiful packaging and the music is exciting to say the least. So expect a lot of Spaniard acts getting reviews/posts in the upcoming days.

While Russian Red and Joe Crepusculo were the most successful breakthroughs in Spain's pop last year, let me introduce you to the three rock acts everyone had their eyes on (although for me, the best rock album from Spain is still Margarita's Parque Magico). I'm in love with the Morla's front single "Un dia en el mundo", I don't know, I can't stop singing it and I'm sure you won't either. There's four videos included in the player, first a live-action take of Vetusta a la blogotheque, and if you click on next, it will take you to the album's version and official video. Also find Lori Meyers's "Alta Fidelidad" and Los Punsetes's latest video "Fondo de Armario."