Girl is Tough.

The content of this blog has been too girly lately, but it’s not our fault, so keep the good music coming. Here is a quick one for you, download and see where this hot dance tune takes you to. I’m quite young, so it takes me to the Hollywood chick-flicks (shame), you know, specifically to the usual scene of the girl going shopping with her girlfriends, or even better, a dramatic makeover. Anyway, don't watch those films, unless you like your cliche to come with a morality message. Back to the music, Girl is Tough is an energetic duo from Sonora, Mexico (we don’t get many from this state), I’m keeping an eye on this two, they seem like the kind of individuals that light up a place in a second. Enjoy their song “Touch and Play”, this is actually a remix of it, by French DJ Monsieur Sept. I like the track so much, I even uploaded it on YouTube, the first update in months.

♫♫♫ "Touch and Play" (Monsieur Sept Remix) (zshare)
or here (hotlinkfiles)