Feeling Donoso...

by Jean-Stephane Beriot

I had commented in my first days at the blog how Javiera Mena, Adanowsky and Teleradio Donoso are Chile’s most valuable acts, and I stand by it. And believe me, I’ve listen to a whole lot of bands from a country I truly feel as my own, whenever I go back to my country (France) or with my family (in New York) I always want to go back to Santiago and enjoy every minute of it. I was recently chatting with Carlos (Carlinhos, Charlitos, Carlitos, or however you want to call him), and we were discussing how much we appreciate Teleradio’s Bailar y Llorar, we like it as much as that beautiful 2008 rock album by Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano, except that this one is full edgy pop. Their music is the overall theme of our Rocola #8 and at least for me, the second best album of the year so far (although many see it as a 2008 release, which it is, but not for us). These first two months have been truly wonderful for our music, Juan Son released what’s probably the very best album of the year already but please don’t forget about this amazingly epic hour. It’s actually Chile’s best album since Esquemas Juveniles, so perhaps Javiera Mena herself will come to power one more time as she’s got all her songs ready to bring us her sophomore set, can’t wait!

Watch the following videos, the first one it’s a rough draft at the studio for my personal favorite track “La niñas de la cuadra”, followed by the official video for "Bailar y Llorar."