Al Siguiente Nivel... Club Fonograma's 1st Anniversary

Ok, so this is Club Fonograma’s first anniversary, we don’t have any resources or anything like that to put together something cool for you, but we really hope you have enjoyed our first 12 months in this still very small corner of the music blogosphere. I’m not sure if we’re doing a fine job with this thing, but I’m extremely proud of it, I expected very few things from it and the outcomes have been incredibly warm. I know it’s not thanks-giving, throughout these months we’ve received much love from readers and creative artists alike, and it never hurts to give a shout out to the people that have helped us, inspired us and embraced us during this young stage of fonogramas. Especially to the artists, keep the good vision coming, and keep us informed. Note, this is a list of the artists we have been in contact with regarding the blog during this year, not necessarily our favorites.

Musicians: Teleradio Donoso, Julieta Venegas, Y La Bamba, Alexico, El Guincho, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, Bam Bam, Domingo en Llamas, Lucio Mantel, Hello Seahorse!, Austin TV, Babaluca, Jovenes y Sexys, Quiero Club, Arcangel, Joe Crepusculo, Nuuro, Marcelo Cunning, Amylulita, Enjambre, Balun, Carrie, Margarita, CSS, Zona Seis, Fleet Foxes, Ulises Hadjis, Tweety Gonzalez, Hidrogenesse, Calle 13, Toy Selectah, En Ventura, No Age, Sr. Amable, Los Fancy Free, Plastilina Mosh, Internet 2, Cienfue, Juan Manuel Torreblanca, Choc Quib Town, Chak, Emmanuel del Real, Electrica Miami, Esperanza Spalding, Adrianigual, Natalia Lafourcade, Bufi, Unsexy Nerd Ponies, Of Montreal, Cof Cof, Monareta, Marcelo Camelo, Little Joy, Mutantek, Pilar Diaz, Yellow Yesterday, 60 Tigres, Ozomatli, Sol Pereyra, Turbopotamos, Frikstailers.

Individuals: Andrew Casillas, Jean-Stephane Beriot, Paulo Correa, Jose Luis Mercado, Rulo, Derrick Yazwa, Natalia Linares, Paul Dryden, Josh Kun, Carlos Reygadas, Camilo Lara, Y la Jenny Tambien, Carli Morrison, Gerardo Naranjo, No Coke, Xochipilli, Christian Alan, Roger Camara, Jergas, Chenn, Nuria Net, Claire, Aldo Alvarez, Miriana Moro, Chapin, Richi Reyes, Alexa Yantas, Anne Thompson, Giovanni Tagliaferri, Jose Arturo Fileto, Doris-Chava-Pollo-Gerardo, Daniel Torres, Fernando Eimbcke, Karen Thompson, Henry Hustain, Julie, Ricky Corazon, Eva Villaseñor, Krystal Aguilar, Ernesto Diezmartinez, Paxton Hernandez, Daniel Campos, Eddney Todd, Allison Montenegro, Santiago Ulloa, Paulina, Leo Galicia, Julio Meza, Hammurabi, Lic. Maquiavelica, Christian del Moral, Juan Pah, Luis Luna, Ramiro, Robert Koehler, Juan Carlos Puga, Aaron Soto, Scott Feinberg, Cecilia Saenz, Chassidy * Kassidy, Gus, Felipe, Julito Jimenez.

Noche Pasta, Nacional Records, Reactor 105.7, Gorilla vs Bear, La Onda Tropical, Remezcla, The Poni Republic, Delhotel, Music Alliance Pact, Cause=Time, Bilingual Distortion, Hipersonica, Decireves, Festival de Cine de Guadalajara, World Village, Far Out Recordings, Nene Records, Universal, Sony/BMG, Home Artists, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, Elefant Records, La Frontera Times, BCore Disc, Zizek Records, Discoteca Oceano, MOG Music Network, The Hype Machine, MySpace, Twitter, Google.

Three other things…

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  3. I’ll leave you with Javiera Mena’s “Al Siguiente Nivel”, it might just be our anthem song.



♫♫♫ "Al Siguiente Nivel"