SXSW Entry #10 – Adios Austin! (Hello Austin!)

Well my good looking readers, that’s it for my coverage of SXSW 2009. I want to thank Carlos and Jean-Stephane for allowing me to take over this site for the past few days (Writer’s Note: Hey y’all – you’re WELCOME for the vacation by the way :p). I also want to thank all the artists, their bands, and their managers who treated me with the utmost respect all in the name of a blog.

As for me, I’m going to stay behind in Austin because I’ve got no place else to go (also, all of my stuff is here). I’ll try to pop in with a review, or witty piece every now and then, and I hope that you’ll welcome me with open arms as you have during the past week.

And as a public service to you all, here are some bands that I saw this week who you are to avoid at ALL costs: Razorlight (booorrrring), Nite Jewel (pompous), Crystal Stilts (who the hell wants to see Jim Morrison fronting Joy Division??), Wavves (white noise overdose), Asher Roth (just plain suck-itude).

Anyway, thanks for everything, I bought you an ice cream sandwich, but as you can see, I already ate it—so I owe you one. If you see me on the street, come say “Hi,” and we’ll walk to the taqueria and we’ll split a fresas con crema. Hasta luego!