Turbo Raros, Turbopotamos

Turbopotamos is one of our most beloved bands here, and we’re always wining about the lack of excitement for this project outside Peru. Their double feature “Terrorize You / Disco Flor” was one of our first features and I even went on a limb naming them the band to watch this year. While we wait for their third album to show up, I found this rarities album among my library, it contains two tracks from their sophomore album No Love, and other unrecorded stuff. I’m also including what’s probably their anthem song, “No Love” … “they say I make cocaine, but girl I’m not like them, just freaking lies." This short set was uploaded by the band itself, so enjoy it. 

♫♫♫ “No Love”

Bad Blues
Right string but the wrong yo yo
No me meto (Acustica)