"El Tigeraso" - Maluca (Latest Mad Decent addition)

A friend I got from the Mad Decent family wanted to slap me for not knowing who Maluca was, their latest acquisition, and boy is he right, she is the bomb. Remezcla raved her performance at SXSW and she’s quickly getting the attention (unlike the awesome but still undiscovered Plastic Caramelo). Not only is she the freshest upcoming sensation, her funky and quirky personality will make any Latino out there proud. Her Dominican Republic roots are felt through her first official single “El Tigeraso” (produced by Diplo). The music is up there, it’s like Santogold with sexier vibes and very tropical, bring that merengue back! makes us very excited, and who knows, along with the upcoming Toy Selectah production, these two might just pull upfront for the reggaeton>neo-cumbia shift we are all expecting to occur in the upcoming months. Another tune I like way too much to not be inducted into our cheap and uncreative videos we got on YouTube.